10 Things to do on a Sunny Day

In order to balance yesterday’s rainy day post for a mixed forecast I thought I’d post some of our favourite sunny day activities.
  1. Water painting – fill a bucket with water, provide your children with large paint brushes and get them to paint the outside of the house / the garden wall or fence.
  2. Make ice lollies – put some fruit juice into lolly molds and freeze – make rainbow lollies by using different colour juices (for example cranberry and orange) pouring in a small amount and freezing before topping up with the next colour or pop some fruit pieces in with your juice to make a ‘spotty’ lolly.
  3. Play with shadows – what shapes can your hands make? can you run away from your shadow? or even make your shadow hide in other shadows?
  4. Go for a nature walk – what can you spot? Can you find dandelions, daisies, butterflies or ladybirds?
  5. Have a picnic – you don’t have to go far, a nearby park or even the garden is just as exciting for children.
  6. Go to the park – children love climbing, sliding and swinging, ask around to find out the best ones.
  7. Do some ‘gardening’ – dig for worms, make mud pies or even plant some seeds!
  8. Spend time doing inside activities but outside! Share a book or a jigsaw under the shade of a tree for some quiet time.
  9. Painting – put big sheets of paper on the ground outside and have lots of fun – it doesn’t matter how much mess is made as you can always wash your children off outside!
  10. Splash around in a paddling pool

Don’t forget when spending time outside – to keep covered up, use suncream, wear sunhats and sunglasses, take care in or near water and make sure you have plenty to drink.


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