It’s another Littlesheep birthday today and birthdays = balloons!
We’ve had fun today playing with some balloons, so I thought I’d share some activity / learning ideas!
  • practice throwing, catching and kicking
  • pat the ball into the air and count how long it takes to float down to the ground
  • tie a string or attach a balloon stick to the balloon and take it for a walk
  • blow up balloons of different colours to help your child learn their colours – can they catch the red one, find the blue one, throw the green one?
  • play peek-a-boo behind the balloon
  • blow up different size balloons to talk about big and small – which is biggest, is the red one bigger or smaller than the blue one?
  • draw faces on a balloon and practice different emotions

Have fun but please be careful with balloons as uninflated balloons / bits of popped balloon are a choking hazard.

Top Tip: Don’t blow up the balloon completely – if it isn’t over inflated it is harder to burst.


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