Review: Doodlebugs (Orchard Toys)

When I first saw Doodlebugs at the Orchard Toys stand at a trade fair I thought it was a great game.

The concept is simple you need to match the ‘doodlebug’ a quirky monster shape or the monsters colour to lay your card on to the pile, if you can’t place a card you need to pick up another one and the first one to get rid of their cards is the winner. As children get older they can start using tactics as the cards held in a players hand are placed facing upwards so if they have two or more cards that could be laid they can see if it is best to put down a blue doodlebug or a green one to stop the next person from winning the game.

The middle Littlesheep was given the game and it is now a firm family favourite with even the smallest of the Littlesheeps being able to play – and even Grandma and Grandpa managed it on holiday!

So why is it a favourite?

  • “we can fix it so Grandpa can’t win”
  • “I do it myself”
  • “the game doesn’t last too long”
  • “I like the cloud monster”
  • “we can match the colours and the bugs”
  • “I like it”
  • “it is great for reinforcing colours and matching skills”
  • “because it’s mine”
  • “it’s good fun”
  • “it’s got clear and bright illustrations”

Have you got this game? Is it a favourite in your house?


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