School Trip

Last week I went with the two smallest Littlesheeps on the EYFS school trip to a local park with a play area, a paddling pool and a small children’s fun fair – on the face of it this wasn’t a particularly educational day but what were their learning opportunities?

Here are just some of the things I observed:

  • waiting – some of the children who had been to the park before / saw the fun fair rides were desperate to go on the fun fair and others were desperate to go in the paddling pool, they had to wait until the scheduled time!
  • gross motor skills – climbing, balancing, swinging, jumping, hanging – and many more were used whilst playing on the climbing frames
  • turn-taking on the play equipment, queuing for the slide, waiting for a swing or a rocking toy
  • self-help / dressing skills – changing into swimming costumes, drying themselves after paddling and getting dressed again
  • making choices – each child was given two tokens for rides in the fun fair and they had to choose which rides they wanted to go on
  • following instructions e.g. not to stray beyond a boundary, going to that tree to eat lunch, lining up next to the fence

It just goes to show at that age everything can be a learning opportunity.


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