Encouraging Reading

Most parents (and grandparents) want their children to do well at school and want to support their learning so here are some of ideas to encourage their children to read.

The most important tip is to find ways of fitting reading  into busy schedules and to keep it fun.

Even very young children can benefit from ‘sharing books’ − discussing pictures, looking at words, talking about the story and characters.

When trying to start reading activities with your children it is important:

  • keep it short
  • choose the time carefully − not while your child’s favourite TV programme is on or when they are tired etc
  • do it regularly − 10 minutes every day or three times a week is better than trying to fit in a ‘long session’ at the weekend
  • make it enjoyable
  • understand the task and the learning purpose
  • use rewards.

Some ideas for reading activities:

  • use the local library for free access to a variety of different books to stop you getting bored of the same ones (unfortunately young children do like repitition so be prepared to need to read the same book every day for weeks!).
  • play reading games including; I spy, bingo, letter and word lotto, word jigsaw games for example the Orchard Toys game Pass the Word
  • put a word of the week on the fridge, you could use word flashcards or magnetic words / letters
  • find time to listen to your child read and read to them.
  • ensure that incidental reading is part of everyday activities; reading recipes, DIY instructions and travel brochures can all provide opportunities for reading in the home over and above books and comics
  • read the same book as your older independent reading child and then then talk with them about the characters, the plot and their favourite parts.

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