Wet Wednesday: Swimming


Wet Wednesday – well you can’t get much wetter than swimming can you? I guess that is a good place to start thinking about water play… All the Littlesheeps love swimming – the biggest two have been doing lessons for a few years now (and have got various ASA stage and distance badges) and ‘going swimming’ features quite highly on their list of things to do in the summer holiday).

Swimming is a great activity for children because:

  • it’s fun
  • it’s indoors so great for  wet weather days
  • it’s a great family activity
  • it’s active so is good for your child’s health
  • it helps develop coordination and motor skills

Some children may be a bit unsure but with gentle persuasion can usually learn to enjoy swimming – here are some ideas:

  • start in a toddler pool where your child can reach the bottom
  • take some toys from the bath to ease the transition from water they are happy in
  • hold hands and dance around with them holding onto your hands
  • make waves in the water by holding them at arms length and pulling them towards you
  • ‘wash hair’ by tipping them back a bit to get the back / sides wet or by raining the water using a watering can
  • blow bubbles
  • use lots of different types of floats

One thought on “Wet Wednesday: Swimming

  1. I feel swimming is better taught at a younger age. I was taught myself when i was young and then stopped when i got older and its far harder to learn now than ever. So, i agree swimming should be taught at Key Stage 2.

    Us at KeyStageTwo could easily have this taught from our site.

    I am writing at KeyStageTwo, which is a new online learning environment designed to enhance and enrich how children learn online in a fun and entertaining way which can be used for home schooling.

    Thank you for your time,


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