Messy Monday: Flubber

Flubber is a great fun material to make and play with. It has the great property that it is hard when cold and somewhat oozy when warm. Leave it on a cool table top for a while, then pick it up, and it will snap into two clean halve when you pull it apart. Hold it in your hands awhile and it will warm and soften and begin to oooooze! Lay it on top of objects and textured surfaces and it will mould itself to their shape. You can use Flubber with all your playdough tools, but it will behave a bit differently than playdough.

4 teaspoons Borax (find in cleaning supplies or laundry aisle of supermarket)
1 cup warm water
lots of food coloring
2 cups PVA glue
1 1/2 cups VERY hot water


  • In a small bowl, mix the Borax with the warm water. Stir with fingers to dissolve. Add lots of food coloring.
  • In a large bowl, pour the glue into the hot water (as hot as you can get it without burning yourself). Stir with your fingers as you add the glue.
  • Slowly add contents of the Borax bowl to the glue bowl, mixing with your fingers constantly. There will be a chemical reaction as the Flubber solidifies.
  • Keep stirring and mixing until it no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl.
  • Pour off excess liquid.
  • Store Flubber in an airtight container (it will keep for about 2 weeks).

Note: Flubber may stain fabrics and clothes when fresh, so keep it away from carpeted areas and wear an apron.

Warning: Flubber could be toxic if ingested


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