Wet Wednesday: Water Play

Show me a child who doesn’t like playing with water! You can play with water in the bath, in the kitchen sink or in a bowl or pool in the garden – it is probably one of the most flexible activities as it needs nothing that we don’t all have on tap. You can play with conventional bath toys or a pile of plastic plates, cups and bowls – children don’t seem to mind either way!

Our top ten ways of playing with water:

  1. Splashing it
  2. Adding bubbles and doing the washing up or bathing baby dolls
  3. Pouring it
  4. Adding food colouring to make different colours – what happens if you mix the yellow and the blue water?
  5. Filling containers until they over flow
  6. Floating bath ducks and boats in the sink
  7. Watering the garden
  8. Racing homemade boats with paper sails
  9. Playing with a waterwheel
  10. Making waves



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