Thinking Thursday: Find It Bottle

A ‘find-it bottle’ is a great activity to keep your children entertained and to get them really concentrating on looking and developing their observation skills and is really simple to make.

You need:

  • plastic bottle
  • something to fill it (we used Hama beads but you can use rice or dried lentils)
  • objects to hide in it

Fill the bottle adding the objects as you go leaving a little bit of wiggling room at the top so that as you tip the bottle the beads can all move around and the objects (this might take a bit of experimentating to get it full enough to make it a challenge but empty enough for the objects to move to be found. Then tape / glue the top so that small children do not open the bottle and tip the contents over the floor!

Then shake it around and see if you can find the hidden objects – can you find them all? how long did it take?





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