Fun Friday: Kite Flying

If you are feeling in double need of activities to do you can make your own kite too but we didn’t have time for that – thy boys wanted to go kite flying NOW!

The kite pictured is a cheap pocket money kite and it did the job fine; although I don’t think it will last many more kite flying expeditions so we might have to get a better one – and we can save the sticks and string from this one and attempt to make our own!

You might not think of kite flying as particularly educational but it involves lots of things that can help children learn and develop.

First of all it is outdoors and active – the boys were running up and down the hills developing gross motor skills and fitness, holding the kite develops gross motor strength as the wind is pulling it and winding the string in and out involves fine motor movements.

Then you can talk about the weather for flying kites – why you need a windy day. You can talk about the ‘best’ places for flying kites – the top of a hill, at the seaside and why these places are good (air currents) and where it is a bad idea to be flying kites – near electricity pylons and roads.

Go fly a kite and have fun!


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