Market Day

Tuesday is Market Day and school holidays are no exception to the need to get fresh produce so that is our first activity of the day but how can this activity be extended. In our blog post on Super Maths for the Supermarket and Super Literacy for the Supermarket we looked at some of the maths and literacy related activities that supermarket shopping could involve and many of these are the same when shopping at the market.

Other activities that could be incorporated into market shopping are:

  • writing a shopping list (or drawing one)
  • reading a shopping list
  • labelling the different fruits and vegetables
  • labelling the colours seen on the stall
  • thinking of recipes to use the ingredients
  • classifying foods into food groups – fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, fish
  • counting in 6’s (eggs!)
As the rest of the day seems quite likely to be raining other ideas to extend the market theme of the day include:
  • playing market traders (shop but with fruit and vegetables and a set of scales!)
  • playing the Shopping List Game (have you seen the Fruit and Veg Extension Pack?)
  • weighing different fruits and vegetables
  • potato / apple printing
  • playing with Mr Potato Head (if you haven’t got one use playdough to make features and attach to a real potato with cocktail sticks)
  • have a blind taste test
  • make a fruit salad

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