Review: iCount-to-10

Having recently got an iPhone and seen how interested my children are in it and how much they want to play games on it I have been looking at apps that can help the learn – iCount-to-10 is one such app so when I saw they were looking for people to review it I thought it was worth a go…

The app consists of four sections – getting to know animals, learning digits, start counting and early learning method.

The getting to know animals section is an unexpected bonus to the app. You can choose from domestic animals, African mammals, birds or marine animals and then scroll through them seeing a picture and a fact about it…

Did you know the gorilla is the largest living primate? Or that the rhino has one or two horns depending on the species? Or that flamingos are pink because of the shrimps the eat?

You can find out all of these and more on this app! The five year old loved this fact finding.

The learning digits section lets you scroll through number flashcards – my three year old found this a bit boring. I think if it said the number or there was an option to press the number to hear it identified this would enhance this section.

The counting section has various levels of difficulty. You can choose your animal series (from the ones above) and then the difficulty level – the higher levels have a timer to see how quickly you respond with the answer.

You can also choose what number you want to count up to (between 2 and 10) and if you want the numbers in order or not. Then you simply count the number of animals and then tap the appropriate number (it was a bit confusing at first that to get 10 you needed to type a 1 and then a 0 rather than clicking a 10 button). On an iPhone when there are ten animals on the screen it is a bit small and crowded. The five year old declared it all easy-peasy and the three year old lost interest quite quickly.

The Early Learning Method section contains notes for parents about how children learn which is another interesting addition but not really that new to me.

Overall, it’s a fairly simple app that could help children learn numbers and counting although I think to really learn they would have to play it with an adult rather than on their own. The three year old returned to the app a few times but it’s not a favourite.

iCount-to-10 costs £1.49 and is available from iTunes

This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.


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