Listography: Favourite Websites

PhotobucketThis week’s Listography as set by KateTakes5 is to your Top 5 Most Commonly Used Websites. She says “You know, the ones that appear on your Google homepage or at the top of your bookmarks bar. The ones that you click into daily without even thinking about it.”

So here are mine:

  1. Littlesheep Learning
  2. Littlesheep Learning: Blog (administration panel)
  3. Facebook
  4. Hootsuite (Twitter client)
  5. MumsClub

I have Littlesheep Learning set as my home page – could be seen as being a bit narcissistic I suppose but it means that I know when I log on that it is definitely still there! I can then click from there to log on and process my orders from the previous night.

So then I have my blog administration panel – I’ve been posting every day during January as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge so I’ve been pretty attached to this page drafting posts, noting down ideas and getting the schedule organised so that something appears each day!

Facebook – I log on to Facebook several times a day – Littlesheep Learning has it’s own page so  I try and post a message to everyone who has ‘liked’ it, I use it to keep in touch with friends / family and I belong to several networking groups that use Facebook as a platform to network.

I use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter accounts – in particular the one for Littlesheep Learning @littlesheep.

and last but not least…

I struggled to think of what to put down as number five but since my New Years Resolution was to network with other mumpreneurs I have been making a concerted effort to log on to MumsClub every day and answer any posts that I can help with.

So what are your favourite five?


13 thoughts on “Listography: Favourite Websites

  1. Wow on the blog challenge! I struggle to find something to write about per week! I should get out more. I love your dedication to Little Sheep Learning – well done you!!


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