Sunday Snow Day

We got snow!

The big two Littlesheep boys went sledging…

The Littlest Littlesheep (and a friend) stayed at home and built a snowman….

Then after dinner Biggest Littlesheep decided that he needed to build a snowman, I told him I thought the snow was melting too fast so he set out to prove me wrong…

He created a whole snow-family complete with pets…

Sadly I fear the thaw is continuing and the snow people will be gone by tomorrow as the front garden snowman has already lost his nose and eyes.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays CornwallWhat a lot of learning opportunities – sensory play with cold snow, gross motor activities – pulling sledges and pushing / rolling and lifting snow balls, fine motor activities – pushing in stones for eyes and other features, labelling parts of the body / winter clothing, creativity and much more!

I’m sure lots of other families have been out enjoying the snow too – pop across to the Country Kids from Coombe Mill linky to see their photos.


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