Learning Chores: Pairing Socks

Lots of socks – there are five of us in the Littlesheep House so we have lots of socks – at five pairs a day, seven pairs a week – makes seventy socks each week (and that’s without the days when a spare pair is needed after the first ones got soggy during puddle jumping or similar or days like this weekend when we’ve all been wearing at least two pairs to keep our toes warm). So come the other side of the washing process we have piles of socks that need to find their pair and this is a job that children can help with from a very young age.

But how does this help them learn?

Pairing socks can teach lots of different language

  • colours – red, blue, black, green, blue, pink and grey – socks come in all colours
  • patterns – stripes, spots, checks
  • pictures – cartoon characters names, vehicles, animals – we’ve had all sorts on socks in our house over the years
  • size descripters – long / short, big / small, longer / shorter, bigger / smaller, longest / shortest, biggest / smallest

Pairing socks also gives the chance to practice matching and sorting skills – when you first introduces this activity to your child get them to sort the patterned socks from the plain ones and the plain ones into the different colours. Then let them pick the easy pairs – encourage them to find the other sock with a digger or stripes or football on. Then their skills improve look at the more subtle differences the black sock with the green stripe versus the black sock with the blue flash.

Lastly, as children get older they will be able to pair the socks into balls themselves developing their fine motor skills!

So as a learning chore – pairing socks definitely makes the grade!