Independents Day

February 29th is a special date given that it only comes around once every four years and to celebrate it’s uniqueness All About the Boys have launched Independents Day as a shout out to all hard working unique independent businesses. As the owner of a small business I think this is a great initiative and couldn’t wait to join in. Littlesheep Learning was also lucky enough to be featured byKaren in their list of indpendent businesses today so this is a bit like a pass it on!

Littlesheep Learning‘s first website was launched in 2005 and we gained a lot of support from other WAHM businesses at that time. Sadly many of these small idependent businesses have since closed down for various reasons so I thought I would take the opportunity to celebrate some of the ones that are still around and who’s owners inspired me to take those first steps and to continue to be a mumpreneur.

Here are the first five that spring to mind:

  1. ICE Gems sell medical alert jewellery In Case of an Emergency (ICE) with a children’s range starting at just £15
  2. Play Merrily sell hundreds of different toys especially crafty and wooden ones – we shop there for Hama Beads which are great for fine motor development.
  3. Funky Dory Party Bags sell a whole range of party bags and fillers – including an ever increasing personalised party accessories.
  4. Knot Just Jigs who don’t just sell jigsaws but lots of other fantastic traditional toys and home accessories.
  5. Ihelm Enterprises who provide (amongst other things) website hosting and book keeping services which means that Littlesheep Learning can continue to run smoothly.

If you go across to About the Boys you can


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