Wipe Clean Learning

Are you fed up of having to print out handwriting practice sheets for your child? Sick of wasting paper for them to practice their writing? Do you want an easy way to give them writing practice? Do your children dislike writing with a pencil on paper?

We have the solution…

wipe clean alphabet handwriting boardwipe clean numbers handwriting boardwipe clean key words writing board

These wipe clean boards are printed ready for children to practice their writing, each set contains a whiteboard (size 30x25cm), a wipe clean pen (and a spare) and a clip to keep the pen and chart together!

The wipe clean a-z letters and wipe clean 0-9 numbers have a light grey with black dashed letters / numbers with a ‘starting dot’ and arrow on each one for your child to trace and the wipe clean key words has the 45 key words for reception printed with a line underneath so that they can copy the word.

These great resources let you practice writing over and over again – made a mistake? doesn’t matter rub it out and try again – saves paper and is fun.


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