Blog Camp UK

Tots100 BlogCamp parent blogger eventsOne of my things on my to do list this year was to push myself out of my comfort zone and network more with other ‘mumpreneurs’ – over the last few months I have expanded on this aim to include meeting up with other bloggers. So when I saw that tickets for BlogCampUK were released and that this would give me the opportunity to put lots of faces to names plus learn more skills and share experiences with them I jumped at the chance and was very lucky to get a ticket – so 21st April 2012 I’ll be there…

So following the prompt from Sally here is my BlogCampUK Meet and Greet post…

Name: Elaine

Blog: Littlesheep Learning:

Twitter: @littlesheep

My Blog’s About: Education, teaching and learning activity ideas, Littlesheep Learning and life as a mumpreneur / business mum / woman in business / small business owner (take your pick I use all four depending on the audience!)

Likes: Helping children learn, orders placed at Littlesheep Learning, comments on my blog, reading blogs, blogging, twitter, volunteering

Dislikes:  Clothes shopping, housework, the school run


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