Sensory Play – Spring

You might have seen back in the late autumn / early winter that we wrote a series of posts about sensory play focusing on the five different aspects sight, smell, sound, taste and touch before featuring ideas for sensory play with a winter theme; well now it’s Spring so it’s time for the next installment of sensory ideas with a Spring theme.


  • Go for a walk and spot the different colour flowers
  • Use Easter egg foil to make pictures
  • Create bright flower pictures using paint or gluing scrunched up tissue paper
  • Play with prisms and mirrors to reflect and retract the sunlight


  • Make flower arrangements of spring flowers or plant hyacinths, daffodils, tulips to smell the flowers
  • Play with cut grass or flower petals in a play tray


  • Make shakers from plastic Easter eggs (make pairs using rice, beans, lentils and bells to play a matching game)
  • Listen for the birds singing
  • Play with rain makers


  • Eat Hot Cross Buns
  • Make (and eat) Chocolate Easter eggs
  • Eat ‘frogspawn’ (passion fruit!)


  • Make up a feely box –  sticky buds from horse chestnut trees, furry pussy willow catkins, soft lambswool
  • Put clean compost in a play tray and play with toy diggers and tractors
  • Plant seeds – cress on damp kitchen towel or on cotton wool in egg shells
  • Make pictures of sheep using cotton wool for their fleece
  • Use jelly to make pretend frogspawn

Come back in the Summer for the next installment!


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