Sticking Power

Today I have been mostly backing up the documents, photos and other important things from my computer using dropbox on the advice of some friends who have used it successfully for years (see I’m always the last to get technology).

This will hopefully save me from the any future computer woe but whilst I’ve been doing this I’ve taken the opportunity to spend some time reorganising my computer files and having a bit of a spring clean – I have copies of exactly the same image in multiple folders for what reason exactly?

It’s been very interesting seeing what was lurking in my archives including my proof copy of my advert in the Mumszone Online Shopping Directory from 2007.

Mumszone had one of the first ‘WAHM’ (work at home mum) forums that I belonged to (sadly the very first one has now closed down) and the small business owners on the forum clubbed together to produce this directory and then shared them out to send to our customers / other forum members with the hope that our customers would buy from the other WAHMs too. I have no idea how many of these directories were sent out or any recollection of how successful it was as far as marketing goes but at the time it seemed worth a try!

Here is the page that includes my advert and sadly of all the fantastic small businesses advertising on this page only two of the seven (Littlesheep Learning and PR Basics) still exist.

So what are my top tips for a business with sticking power?

  1. Don’t have too high expectations – it is unlikely that you are going to make a huge amount of money immediately, it takes time to build an online business and if you need cash right now then you might be better printing some fliers and doing someones ironing, gardening, dog walking or similar
  2. Think about where you want to be in a few years time – do you still want to be running a ‘baby’ business when your children are at school or will you have got bored of nappies by then? (A bonus for me is that the Littlesheeps grew into my business and are now at the age to appreciate the games, puppets and other products that were beyond them when we started out).
  3. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – running a business as a mumpreneur is about working for yourself at your own pace. Also remember that appearances are deceptive it is quite probable that the people behind the small businesses that you admire are probably feeling just like you underneath

I asked the question earlier this evening on twitter and here are the responses so far…


Please add your tips in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Sticking Power

  1. Hi – popping in from the Blog Carnival 🙂
    Great tips – and all very true. I’ve been in business for about 8 years, running a baby hand/foot casting business and I think my main piece of advice is to be prepared to work very hard and invest your early profits back into the business.
    The other tips from twitter are great too!


  2. You’re right, it’s so important to run your own race rather than get disheartened by comparison.

    I wrote a post a while ago about how business can be like digging ditches, and shared this quote from Steven Furtick: “One reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with other people’s highlight reel” (

    Well done! And thanks for joining in the blog carnival!


  3. I so agree with you Elaine, I started this business for me and my family – so I could work and keep the brain cells active while looking after them all. That means my race will take longer, but it doesn’t mean it will be any less worthwhile in the end….


  4. I will completely agree with you on those points. All too often people look for the bright shiny object which will solve all their problems or go into something because it seems to be working for other people regardless of its compatibility with their own skills, passions and resources.


  5. Great post! I’ve only been in business a year but can see that it needs to keep evolving. You can’t just stand still. And you are right- it takes time and don’t expect miracles straight away!


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