Spelling Tricky Words

Some words are very tricky to learn to spell and our post on mnemonics gave suggested ways to remember some of them – here are ideas to help your remember some of the others…

Necessary – a shirt has one collar and two sleeves

Separate – never separate a para from his parachute!

Friend – a friend is a friend until the end!

Accommodation – accommodation has two cots and two mattresses

Believe – there is always a lie in believe

February – it is br cold in February

Stationery vs Stationarye is for envelope = stationery and a is in carpark = stationary (non-moving traffic)

Difficulty – “Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs LTY” (from Roald Dahl’s book Matilda)

Anyone got any other tips for complicated spellings?


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