The Big Bang: Science Day

Today Biggest Littlesheep and I went to The Big Bang at the NEC – what a fun learning filled and amazingly exciting day we had.

We travelled to the NEC by train arriving just in time to see the Brainiac: Live show. Wow – what a start that’s all I can say. Biggest Littlesheep sat enthralled and if this was the only thing we had done all day it would have been worth the trip!

We saw the scientists discovering whether you can run through paper, plasterboard and netting (with surprising results!), lots of bangs and fun with liquid nitrogen plus a great practical demonstration of electricity (including conductivity and insulation). If you want to see a clip from the show check it out on YouTube and if you ever get the chance to see it live then definitely take it up.

We also enjoyed both the 360° experiences exploring hidden worlds. The ‘Ocean Drifters’ exploring the marine world of plankton with some amazing photographs and a story about how marine plankton influence us and how current climate change is affecting their distributions and abundance with affecting the entire marine food chain and the ecology of our entire planet. The ‘We are Astronomers’ show explaining what an astronomer is and how they collaborate plus information abou the technology and dedication required to answer the unresolved questions of the Universe.

Whilst looking around the show floor and found lots of other hands on science to get involved with…

and much more (many experiments and activities that can be tried at home so watch this space and I’ll share them with you).

We also enjoyed the Bang Goes the Theory show – looking at whether a rocket or a human would be best at kicking a football… lots of biochemistry and rocket science.

(At this point it was that the penny dropped and I realised who ‘the celebrity’ that we had chatted with earlier in the day was – sorry Dallas Campbell – I’d have got photos and autographs if I’d been more on the ball).

It was a great day out and I can’t wait to go again.


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