What did you do at school today?

Yesterday I was standing in the Post Office queue with Littlest Littlesheep (he’s three and had just finished his morning in nursery ‘at school’) and I was chatting with him and about his day and the old lady in front of us commented that I was getting a lot of information from him.

So I thought I’d write a post on how to get children to talk about their day – so here are my top tips…

  1. Don’t ask questions that have a yes/no answer – if you ask ‘did you do painting?’ and your child says ‘no’ in return you then have to go onto the next question and it can turn into an interrogation
  2. Work through the routine with your child so that they can comment back – so you could say “what did you do after the register?” or “so then you had a snack…”
  3. Allow time for them to respond – don’t be scared of silence – small children take time to process the question
  4. If you don’t get a good response one day – leave it and try again a different day
  5. Don’t worry if your child says ‘nothing’ or ‘nobody played with me’ these are both fairly normal responses!



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