The Advert Process

I recently agreed to undertake some advertising (more on that soon) but to do that I needed to get an advert redesigned as the last time I had an advert seems to have been 2007 so it was in need of some updating so I thought that I would do a blog post about the design process and how I ended up with the final version…

So this was the first attempt… using that original advert as a base it was simply updated a bit by adding in the winners logo and changing the products…

On seeing this I realised that actually I needed to make more changes.

It seemed a bit busy (too many products with little parts), lacking in structure and I didn’t like the proportions of the jigsaw piece to the business name.

I loved how the Mumsclub award was pinned to the sheep like a rosette at a show though – that was inspired.

A friend also gave me some information on structure and how to organise it a bit better.

So I fed this new copy text and ideas back to the designer and this was the result…

This second one was a lot better but still a bit too busy, too much writing and the logo was too small.

At this point I realised that I was thinking in pictures and I couldn’t explain in words what I could see in my head. So I did a really bad cut and paste job in a mixture of paint and publisher to create this messy image to try and explain what I was thinking about the proportions for the logo, strapline and rosette sheep.

This seemed to help communicate my thoughts and the third version was almost perfect with just a little bit too much wordiness.

So a few tweaks later we finally ended up with this…

Look out for it in a publication near you!


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