Business Support

As a small business owner we have reached the end of the financial year which means that like many other small businesses we have spent the Easter break catching up with our accounts and completing our end of year stock take (look out for some bargains on our facebook page later this month).

Today was accounts day – the day that I finally tackled the folder full or receipts, invoices and bank statements to check that all the information has been put into one set of spreadsheets ready to be sent to my wonderful book keeper – Arianna from Ihelm Enterprises. Arianna is a member of  the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers with a whole host of bits of paper to qualify her for the role and has been providing book keeping services to many small and medium sized businesses since May 2004 (and Littlesheep Learning since we started in May 2005).

So today’s blog post is a way of saying Thank You to Arianna for her support – Littlesheep Learning’s finances would be in a big mess if it wasn’t for her help and guidance. If you are running a small business and need a book keeper – do get in touch with her.


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