Today is day 109 of the year and I’ve just realised I haven’t yet written a blog post… did you miss me? So here is a post – probably not a great one but some thoughts on failure!

If I didn’t post anything today – would I have failed?

I think it depends on how you look at it… Yes – I would have failed at my challenge to post every day in 2012 (which started as a post every day in January but carried on going) but I think what happens next is the big indicator of whether I had really failed or not.

Missing a post would give two possibilities

  1. the routine and motivation is lost and my blog stops
  2. I shrug my shoulders and move on and keep posting tomorrow pretending the ‘blip’ didn’t happen

As I see it the first is a failure the second is the secret of success. So whatever your challenges or missed goals today, don’t let it get you down, pick yourself up and carry on tomorrow and you will get there in the end.


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