Listening Games

Listening is a very important part of communication and at Littlesheep Learning we have two great games to encourage children to listen for sounds in their environment – Orchard Toys Cock-a-doodle-moo! and Matching Sound Cubes.

Matching Sound Cubes

Cock-a-doodle-moo! is a sound lotto type game. Each player takes a selection of cards and then you play the CD, listen, identify the sounds and match it to your cards. Every time you hear one of your sounds you put your card on the path on your board – the first to to stand your scarecrow in the field. The game encourages listening skills, the identification of environmental sounds and increases knowledge of farmyard animals.

The Matching Sound Cubes are a lovely set of fabric covered soft blocks. The set contains four pairs of cubes with different sounds and the idea is to identify the matching pairs. Each cube is plain on five sides with an embroidered musical note on the sixth side to help you check the pairs after they have been selected. The game encourages the development of listening skills by practicing the skill of sound discrimination.

We’ve written more about listening, attention and comprehension and activity ideas to support this before so do go and have a read!


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