Seven Years Old

On the eve of Littlesheep Learning‘s 7th Birthday I thought I would write a post about seven achievements and things that have happened to us during this seventh year.

  1. We launched our new website
  2. We won an @Jacqueline_Gold #WOW tweet
  3. We won a Mumsclub Award2011 Mumsclub Award
  4. We went to BlogCampTots100 BlogCamp parent blogger events
  5. We got nominated in the MAD blog awards (fingers crossed we make the finals!)MAD Blog Awards 2012
  6. We’ve had our busiest year for press coverage
  7. We are still here – providing our customers with a fantastic range of educational resources and excellent customer services.

Tomorrow we will have cake…

Until then don’t forget that until the end of the month:

  • You can save 10% on orders over £10 at Littlesheep Learning by using the code Birthday2012
  • Every comment on our blog will get an entry into our birthday competition (more details coming soon)
  • We’ll have lots of other special giveaways and offers – keep reading our blog, following us on Twitter and facebook to be the first to know

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