Today Biggest Littlesheep has gone to Beaver Camp  was taken the first time he went but as he set of today it reminded me of a post I wrote on the old blog about it.

Going away with the Beavers or similar organisations or school residential trips are often the first time children stay away from home with people who are not family (Biggest Littlesheep wasn’t a bit phased the first time nor today!) and the first time they had responsibility for organising their own belongings!

We left him (in his uniform) with his bag of spare clothes and his pillow, sleeping bag and mat (and teddy) and he now has to organise the independent living skills or self-help skills as they are called for himself; he needs to dress himself, he needs to brush his teeth, wash himself (ok so I am not entirely sure little boys at Beaver camp do that!), comb his hair and of course I am hoping he eats using his cutlery!

We’ll pick him up tomorrow afternoon and I’m sure he will have had a great time – hopefully he will bring all his belongings with him and we won’t be searching the lost property.

When did your children first stay away from home? Did it go well?


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