Alphabet Walk

Today on the walk home from school at lunchtime Littlest Littlesheep and I tried to find things that began with every letter of the alphabet…

Here’s how we got on

A – ant
B – beetle
C – cat
D – dandelion
E – we got stuck and he (correctly said “me – my name starts with E”!)
F – feather
G – gate
H – helicopter
I – mmm tricky one
J – junction
K – keys
L – lines (on the road)
M – mummy
N – nettles
O – orange flower (ok we got stuck again)
P – postbox
Q – queen (I’m not entirely sure we saw one but that was his answer and we did see the postman with the letters so there would have been pictures of her on the stamps!)
R – roundabout
S – sunshine
T – tree
U – no umbrellas today!
V – van
W – window
X – we got stuck here and decided on socks as they have a ‘x’ sound in them
Y – yellow flower (cheating as we got home unfinished?)
Z – sorry no zebras on our way home

This was really good fun and we discussed lots of other things that started with the letters too. I did lots of suggesting of things he couldn’t see e.g. crocodiles and snakes which he thought was hilarious and he joined in plus did some spontaneous commenting of ‘object; that starts with letter. A nice simple (free) activity that can help children learn the initial sounds and think about what starts with a given sound. Have a go and see how you get on – can you get a more complete alphabet than we did?


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