Independents Day Business Blogs

Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012This Independents Day I thought I would feature the businesses of my fellow MADS 2012 Small Business Blog finalists (there is still a little bit of time left to vote for your favourites *hint* this blog is Littlesheep Learning and it’s on the list).

So (as well as Littlesheep Learning) here are the independent businesses of the finalists…

Pamper Parties Oxfordshire run by Bizzy Mum (Karen) great stress-free birthday parties organised for you if you have little (or not so little) girls.

Coombe Mill run by Fiona (and her family) is a fabulous looking farm in Cornwall with a whole host of different sized self-catering holiday cottages… one day I will go and stay there as it looks great… if you are looking for a farm holiday in Cornwall it’s definitely worth adding to the list of potentials.

KiddyCharts run by Helen is a fledgling business selling reward charts. If you have children who love collecting stickers then take a look (you can even get personalised ones).

The Mummy Whisperer or Lisa who has written books and who organises coaching for mums about how to enjoy being a mum and how to listen to their own wisdom and knowledge of her family.

Finally it would be very remiss of me to fail to mention that Karen, the champion of Independents Day is a finalist in the Best MAD Homes Blog category and you can find her beautiful home things at The White Approach.

Hop over to All About The Boys (Karen’s other business – where does she find the time) and check out all the other great independent businesses featured there.


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