Voting in the MADS

Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012This time tomorrow voting will have closed in The 2012 MADS so I’ve just been getting my votes organised and submitted… (if you haven’t already voted please do take the time to – and I’d really appreciate any votes for this blog in the small business category).

So here are my top blogs (and some of the choices that I had to make were tough – far too many friends and blogs in my blog reader made it through to the finals).

Blog Post of the Year: Patch of Puddles – Second. I’ll admit that this isn’t my favourite post on Merry’s blog but the one that I nominated didn’t make it through to the final. I have ‘known’ Merry online for years and Ben’s safe arrival is very special, his birth announcement was my real post of the year but this post about what he means is important too.

Best MAD Family Travel Blog: It’s a Small World – I followed this blog as the family set off on their round the world adventure and wished that I was as daring as them – their blog is a great read and very inspiring to wannabee travellers.

Best MAD Baby Blog: Diary of a Premmy Mum – this was one of the categories in which I didn’t follow any of the blogs so I had a read of all of them and decided that this one was my favourite.

Best MAD Blog Photography: Slugs on the Refrigerator – another category with none of my regular blog haunts in… I just love the photos that are on this blog – such natural shots and lots of children enjoying themselves.

Best MAD Blog Writer: Northern Mum – this is a blog that is just a great read – a mix of every day stuff and more serious stuff – go on – have a read yourself.

Best MAD Craft Blog: This was a very tough category as three of my favourite children’s activity blogs are all finalists: Rainy Day Mum, Red Ted Art and The Imagination Tree – it was so hard to pick between them so I’m going to keep my final decision secret and I suggest you bookmark all three for future reference!

Best Family Fun Blog: Another tricky category with friends competing! In the end I went with Coombe Mill (because I can give my other favourites votes in other categories – seems only fair to share the votes around – and because I’m against her in the small business category so I’d rather she won this one and left that one to me!).

Best MAD Family Life Blog: Adventures of an Unfit Mother – reading this blog makes me realise I’m not alone in my parenting experiences!

Best MAD Food Blog: I’m not really a Foodie so I had a read through all the finalists and decided that Bangers and Mash had the most mouthwatering but everyday recipes and ideas and was a real Food Blog.

Best MAD Home Blog: The White Approach – thankfully Karen isn’t against me in the small business blog but is instead in the Home category. This blog is just inspiring and I wish I had her style!

Best MAD Schooldays Blog: The Five Fs – I’ve watched as Kate’s children have become school children and really enjoy reading about their adventures (and how her life has changed since they both started school and she transitioned from looking after them to restarting paid work).

MAD Blog Small Business Blog: Littlesheep Learning (enough said – I had to make sure I got at least one vote didn’t I?)

Best MAD Fashion Blog: Another whole arena of blogs I don’t generally read… Having had a browse I loved Fashion Detective – maybe I should take some tips?

Best MAD Thrifty Blog: There are a couple of blogs that I follow in this group of finalists but I think that Frugal Family is the one that is most relevant to me and inspires me to be a bit more thrifty.

Best New MAD Blog: Mammasaurus – this person gets around a lot and I can’t believe that she is so new to blogging as she is so knowledgeable and keen to share her experiences. A great read.

Best MAD Pregnancy Blog: Another category where I have two favourites – Edspire and Me the Man and the Baby… I’ve been chatting to them both on twitter and both have now had their babies – it was tough to choose so I’m going to flip a coin!

Most Helpful MAD Blogger: Mummy Tips – Sian’s been around for as long as parent blogging has been and she’s always seemed very helpful to me.

Most Inspiring MAD Blog: Patch of Puddles – I possibly should have looked at the other blogs a bit more closely (in fact I did and added several to my blog reader) but Merry’s blog has always inspired me with how she manages juggling a successful business with home educating a large family and more recently her story of baby loss and a new baby.

Most Innovative MAD Blog: Science Sparks – I love this blog and all the science experiments and explanations aimed at children (we made their honeycomb at our recent science party and I’d really recommend it).

So what are you waiting for – go and have a look at the lists of blogs and vote for your favourites!


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