Travel Games

Are you travelling back from your half term holiday away? or planning to travel later in the summer?

Here are five games to play whilst you are travelling…

  1. Rainbow vehicle spot – can you find a red car, orange lorry, yellow digger, green bus, blue car, purple van and pink car. You can be as strict as you like with whether you are sticking to one particular type of vehicle and how much of it has to be coloured.
  2. Car colour count – give each child a colour and see how many cars of that colour they can see on your journey.
  3. AA versus RAC – who can spot the most of their breakdown trucks (or Sainsbury’s versus Tesco or any other comparable).
  4. I spy… (younger children can do something that is… using colours rather than letter sounds if they haven’t yet learnt phonics).
  5. Linking words – take it in turns to say words that start with the last letter of the previous word (can you manage not to repeat words?).

Safe travels – please take a look at our other travel related posts.


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