Sensory Play – Summer

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might remember that we have run a series of articles on sensory play through the seasons (see Spring and Winter) as a follow up to the series of posts on the five different aspects sight, smell, sound, taste and touch – now as we approach summer here are some summer sensory activity ideas!


  • Make stain glass windows using tissue paper or coloured cellophane – you can either cut outlines from black card and use tissue / cellophane to fill the gaps or just lay scraps in a laminating pouch and laminate
  • Make mirror mobiles to reflect the sun’s rays (you can use two old CDs hung back to back)
  • Play with prisms to make rainbows
  • Make colourful flower arrangements or petal collages
  • Play with bubbles
  • Watch the shadows change as the sun moves – or sit under a tree and see the leaf shadows move in the breeze


  • Make playdough and add strawberry or orange flavourings or lavender oil or other flower scents to make aromatic dough
  • Make lavender bags


  • Sing summer songs – e.g. we’re all going on a summer holiday
  • Listen to different traffic noise – can you hear an aeroplane, a bus, a train or even an ice-cream van


  • Make ice lollies from different fruit juices
  • Taste different summer fruits – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines
  • Have a BBQ and taste the smokiness that comes with food that has been cooked in this way


  • Play with sand – either playing in a sand tray with damp or dry sand or sticking dry sand onto PVA glue to make textured sand pictures
  • Ice play – put pots of water in the freezer and then when frozen tip it out and play with it whilst it melts
  • Make a collection of shells and see if you can match them by touch feeling the spirals, the smoothness or the ridges

Come back in the Autumn for the final installment of our seasonal sensory play series.


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