Starting School and Changing Classes

All over the country children are beginning to engage in end of term activities – if their children haven’t already started school then there are new starter taster sessions and if they are already there then they are bringing home their school reports, taking part in sports days, swimming galas and end of the year dance and drama shows and taking part in transition days which means that pretty soon (if not already!) parents will be thinking about the things they can do to help make these changes easier for their children. So I thought it was worth highlighting some of our past posts on this topic that you might find useful…

Class Transitions ideas aimed at supporting children with special needs with the anxiety provoking change of class / teacher / school but relevant to lots of other children too. Starting school and preparing to start school with our  top tips for parents of new starters. And we have our suggestions for the top 5 resources for children starting in reception.




One thought on “Starting School and Changing Classes

  1. It is very important that parents help their kid in transitioning, because it may seem like an easy process but in actual sense it is not. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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