Writing Station

When you visit any early years setting you are very likely to see a ‘writing station’ – a space for children to go and investigate writing. This is a great idea to make sure that the tools for writing are always available to young children and there is no reason why you can’t set one up at home – if you don’t have space for a dedicated child’s writing table / desk then why not create a well stocked writing box that they can get out whenever they want to write.

Here are our top things to include…

The basics are:

  • A variety of different pens and pencils (triangular writing instruments can help children who struggle with their grip) – wax crayons, colouring pencils, highlighter pens, ball point pens, handwriting pens, thin pens and chunky pens, sparkly pens and felt tips – the bigger the variety the better


  • A range of different papers – lined / plain / squared, A4 / bigger and smaller, loose sheets / notebooks / exercise books, post-it notes, blank postcards, blank greetings cards and envelopes

then older children might also appreciate


2 thoughts on “Writing Station

  1. This is a good idea – my daughter might then stop drawing on everything she isn’t supposed to! (Like my filofax and important letters…)


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