Preparing for the holidays…

With the school holidays approaching I’ve been busy scheduling things to do -please tell me I’m not the only one with the whole six weeks calendar printed out filling in lots of activities to fill the time? We’ve now booked in holidays, swimming lessons and tennis camp (plus our Olympic outings) and now we are at the filling in the gaps with cheap days out (local museum visits) and meeting up with friends… but what about filling those days when we will be at home? The long range weather forecast isn’t looking great so I’m going to assume that sending them all into the garden with a few buckets of water and water pistols isn’t really going to fill the days – so what are we going to do?

I think the big thing here is preparation and this is what I am planning to do over the remaining two weeks before school breaks up:

  • unearth all the uncompleted art and craft kits that they got for Christmas and birthdays
  • find the children’s recipe books (and check we’ve got the ingredients for the things they are likely to want to make)
  • start collecting cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, bottle lids and anything else that looks interesting so that the can do some junk modelling
  • get some new DVDs for home cinema sessions
  • print off some puzzle sheets / find some cheap puzzle books – make some new inserts for the CD puzzle cases.

From a ‘mum in business’ point of view I plan to get all the paperwork up to date, schedule some of the blog posts and ensure I’ve got sufficient stock so that over the holidays the business can carry on ticking over but all I’ve got to worry about as an urgent requirement is despatching the parcels and making accomplishing anything else a bonus – this post from last year tells more about the juggling.

What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?


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