Travelling by Train

I’ve just got back from a day in London and whilst I was on the train I was thinking of things to keep children busy whilst travelling by train:

  • station bingo – write a the stations that the train will pass through and cross them off as you go through (for younger children it’s probably best to just use the ones that you stop at but older children can try and spot ones that you just pass through too)
  • puzzle books, wipe clean boards and other travel games (especially if you are lucky enough to get a table seat)
  • animal count – trains travel right through the countryside so whilst looking at the fields see how many different animals you can see or how many of each type
  • I-spy
  • reading books, comics or magazines

Travelling by train is a great way for children to travel because they can get up and walk about, they can go to the toilet, they can easily interact with the adults they are travelling with in way they can’t from the back seat of the car and they are less likely to get travel sick.


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