Growing Experiment

Middle Littlesheep brought home from school some very dead cress seeds which were apparently part of a science experiment to see what plants needed to grow – his were part of the group that weren’t watered. We added some water and watched them grow but this got me thinking that this would be an ideal experiment to do over the summer holidays (and very cheap too!).

All you need is some old plastic cups (or plastic / polystyrene trays, cut off plastic bottle bottoms or egg shells) some cotton wool and a packet of cress seeds.

Then think about the variables (the things you can change) to the growing conditions – see what your children come up with you might be surprised! Some we’ve thought of are indoors, outdoors, with water and without, in the light and in the dark.

Then make up sufficient sets of seeds to test these and place your pots in the various locations:

  1. With water on windowsill
  2. Without water on windowsill
  3. In the garden (you can decide for yourself if you want to actively water it or not)
  4. Without water in a dark cupboard
  5. With water in a dark cupboard

Then wait – checking the seeds progress each day… which one sprouts first? which one grows best? can you revive the ones that haven’t grown by moving them somewhere else?



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