Summer Holidays: Week 1 Ideas

The summer holidays are a long break from usual activities so here are some simple fun activities with a summer theme to keep your children busy. All these activities provide opportunities for incidental learning of colours / shapes, learning about growth and practicing motor skills.

  1. Sand Pictures. You will need; card, pencil, glue and play sand. First draw a picture onto the card, then spread glue onto the
    card following the outline and sprinkle with sand. Shake of excess sand and
    leave to dry.
  2. Stained glass windows. You will need; black card, scissors, coloured tissue paper and glue. Using scissors cut out shapes from the card (younger children may need an adult to do this for them). Then stick tissue paper over the holes. Put it up at the window for the sun to shine through.
  3. Iced Biscuits. You will need; plain biscuits (e.g. digestives or rich tea biscuits), glace icing, sweets / sprinkles. Take a biscuit, spoon on some icing and decorate with sweets / sprinkes.
  4. Cress Egg Heads. You will need; clean egg shells, paints / felt pens, cotton wool, cress seeds. Take an egg shell and decorate it by drawing on a face – you could draw a clown, a rabbit, a cat or just a man! Then put some damp cotton wool in the bottom and sprinkle with cress seeds and leave to grow.
  5. Water Painting. You will need; buckets of water and paint brushes. Paint the wall or the path, draw pictures, write your name or doodle pretty patterns. The best thing about this painting is there is no mess – it’ll dry off as fast as it goes on leaving a blank canvas again to start.
  6. Sock Puppets. You will need; old sock, scraps of material, glue, scissors. Cut eyes, tongue, ears / hair or any other features you want youe puppet to have out of scraps of material and then glue them onto the sock.
  7. Picnics. You will need; picnic and picnic blanket. Pack up your lunch or tea (or even just some snacks) and visit your local park for a picnic or just have it out in your back garden.

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