Holiday Scrapbooks

So the first week of the summer holidays is over – have you had fun creating memories? We’ve had a busy time already with a trip to the zoo, a visit from family, swimming, completing a local town trail and a trip to Cadbury World with lots more adventures planned (Olympics on Monday!) which got me thinking about how the boys will remember what we have done when it comes to going back to school in September.

Maintaining a diary or holiday scrapbook is a great way to keep children busy when they wake up early in the holidays or to fill those rainy days when you are stuck inside. Creating a scrapbook will give your children something to collect things for when out and when finished it will create a lovely memento of your holidays.

It doesn’t even matter if you aren’t going away for your holiday you can still create a memory scrapbook – you can add recipes you have made, pictures drawn, results from science experiments, plans of train track layouts or photos of Lego models to create your memory book.

To create a scrapbook all you need is a blank notebook / exercise book or scrapbook (if you don’t have one then plain paper will do – just hole punch it and tie with a string / ribbon to make a book), pens / pencils / crayons, glue stick / sticky tape. Then you simply need to write the date at the top of the page and help your child to fill the page with information about what they did that day. Some children will enjoy writing a diary but others are not keen on writing or drawing so encourage them to collect things to stick in – maps, attraction information leaflets, tickets or even branded napkins or sugar packets. You can also leave spaces for photographs or stick in postcards or photos from brochures.

Hope you have a great holiday and some lovely memories.


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