Summer Holidays: Week 2 Ideas

Week two of the holidays are here… how did last week go? Here are some ideas for things to do this week if you are struggling for ideas (and if you didn’t see them don’t forget to check out last weeks ideas too).

  1. Petal collages. You will need; petals from different coloured flowers (please make sure you have permission to pick the flowers first and if you can’t get petals coloured tissue paper is an easy substitute), craft paper and glue. Draw a picture onto the craft paper and then stick petals on to create a collage! Bold pictures with blocks of colour work best, for example, a flower, a teddy bear or a beach ball.
  2. Build a den. You will need; chairs, blankets and cushions. Spread the blankets between the chairs to create a ‘tent’ and then make your den comfy with some cushions.
  3. DIY Mr Potato Head. You will need; large potato, craft foam or card, cocktail sticks and glue. Cut pairs of body parts out of the craft foam or card and stick them together with a cocktail stick between the two layers. Stick your body parts into your potato to make your potato person.
  4. Chocolate crispy cakes. You will need; chocolate, crisped rice, bowl, spoon, microwave and cake cases. Melt the chocolate in the bowl and stir in crisped rice until coated. Spoon the chocolate crispy mix into cases and leave to cool and set.
  5. Plan a dream holiday. You will need: holiday brochures / travel books / access to a computer and printer, paper, scissors, glue and felt pens / colouring pencils). Go to a travel agent or library and get brochures, maps and books and research together on the internet and come up with a travel plan for a dream holiday.
  6. Marble Painting. You will need; egg cups, squeezy paint, marbles, paper and a tray. Put different coloured paint in each egg cup and add a marble. Put the paper on the tray, pick a marble and roll it around the tray to make a pattern. Then pick another to build up the picture.
  7. Kite Flying. You will need; a kite (why not make your own to make the activity last even longer?). Take your kite to a windy hill and have fun flying it.

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