Review: Treasure Trails

I mentioned Treasure Trails in my Independence Day post with businesses that can help you fill the summer holidays and was planning on buying one of the local ones to get us to explore the local town when the lovely Claire who covers Treasurer Trails Warwickshire & West Midlands offered to send us the Warwick one to try out.

So we headed off to Warwick on a sunny afternoon and set to work solving the clues to find out who murdered Mrs Bottomscratcher and with what weapon. To complete the trail you get a booklet with all the directions (no need to worry about maps) for your route and the clues that you need to solve – six possible weapons (with years) and twenty possible suspects to eliminate.

Starting in St Nicholas Park car park (convenient for a picnic), the trail takes in most of the ‘landmarks’ of Warwick – St John’s House, St John’s Church, Smith Street (with it’s range of independent shops), the East Gate, St Mary’s Church, the court, the Market Square, the Alms Houses, Lord Leycester Hospital and views of Warwick Castle before taking you right back to the park to finish.

The guide booklet says that it takes 2 hours and is about 2 miles but it took us over three hours possibly because we missed some clues and had to double back to find them and possibly because it was a hot day and the Littlesheeps are still quite small (and also because we stopped for a drink and biscuit break!).

The biggest two Littlesheeps (aged 8 and 6) really enjoyed seeking out the things they needed to solve the clues and hopefully learnt something about Warwick on the way – they were really proud to complete the mystery and find out who the murderer was. It was a good family afternoon out although I’d say that the youngest (aged 4) was probably a bit small because he got quite tired and grumpy towards the end.

This product was provided to me free of charge by Treasure Trails Warwickshire & West Midlands in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.


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