Visual Perception Skills: Visual Sequential Memory

Continuing our Visual Perception Skills Series the next skill area of visual perception skill development is Visual Sequential Memory or the ability to be able to view and then recall a sequence of numbers, letters or objects in the order they were originally presented. eg: remembering a phone number or a row of colored beads.

Some activities that help develop this skill are:

  • copying bead patterns from pattern cards / photographs
  • playing ‘copy me’ – one person demonstrates a squence of movements then the others copy (you can include verbal instructions at the same time if you want)
  • playing ‘sequence match’ set out three to six cards / objects, allow viewing time and then cover and recreate (you can make it harder by providing ‘spare’ cards / objects)
  • copying drawings – draw a sequence of simple shapes in a line, allow viewing time and then ask child to draw the shapes in the same order
  • talking about sequences and the daily routine e.g. whilst getting dressed – you need to put on socks before shoes
  • ordering number or letter cards into sequence
  • playing ‘what happens next?’ completing pictorical action sequences related to everyday situations.

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