Summer Holidays: Week 3 Ideas

Week three of the school holidays… how are you doing so far? Do you need some more ideas? Here’s some suggestions for this week:

  1. Go Fruit Picking. You will need; to find out where your nearest pick your own farm is and some money for the pickings! Go along to your local Pick Your Own farms and go fruit picking – you can use the fruit you picked as a fruit salad or toppings for ice-cream or even make some jam
  2. Patio Art. You will need; a box of chalks (jumbo ones are best) and some paved / tarmacked areas. Doodle / draw all over a patio or driveway to create an art gallery; Don’t worry about the graffiti it is temporary after a few rain showers it will be washed away (or provide your children with a bucket and scrubbing brush and get them to wash it off!).
  3. Washing Up. You will need; plastic tea-set or a collection of plastic boxes (empty yoghurt pots / food packaging is great for this), washing up bowl or old baby bath, water, bubbles and a tea-towel. Set up the washing up station (preferably outside but if not on a floor that is easily dried off – you might want to put a plastic mat covered with an old towel down first) and leave them to it!
  4. Paint Pebbles. You will need; stones or pebbles (ones collected from the garden are fine), paint, squeezy paint, googly eyes, glue and other ‘bits’ to stick on. Wash all the mud off the stone and wait for it to dry, cover in paint – either paint patterns or pictures or turn your pebble into a ladybird or a bumble bee, when dry stick on googly eyes and any other accessories (wings etc) and you have your very own pebble pets.
  5. Make Banana Milkshake. You will need; milk, bananas and a liquidiser. Put the bananas into the liquidiser and add milk. Whizz until smooth (you can make it runnier by adding more milk or leave it thick like a smoothy). To make it colder add some scoops of ice-cream before blending.
  6. Act out a Traditional Tale. You will need; puppets or dressing up clothes for the main characters. Simply pick your story and act it out – if you want to take this further you could set up your very own theatre (see our home cinema post for ideas).
  7. Go on a Texture Walk. you will need; paper and wax crayons. Go for a walk and make rubbings of the different textures that you come across – drain covers, brick work, tree bark, stone walls and other surfaces.

If you haven’t already seen them check out week one and week two ideas!


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