Summer Holidays: Week 4 Ideas

Continuing with our summer holiday ideas (now we’ve crossed the holiday halfway point) here are some suggestions for this week:

  1. Play with shaving foam. You will need; shaving foam and a smooth washable surface e.g. wipe clean table cloth or plastic tray. Simply squirt the shaving foam onto the surface and play with it. Spread it out and practice drawing patterns or writing letters / numbers in it (for children who don’t want to touch it provide a pencil or a stick for them to draw with.
  2. Make a lifesized drawing of yourself. You will need; a long roll of paper (wallpaper lining paper is great for this), crayons / colouring pens / paints and other materials to decorate. Get your child to lie down on the paper whilst you draw around their shape, then let them draw in the details; eyes, nose, hair, clothes etc. Some children might also like to do the ‘inside view’ adding in bones  and organs.
  3. Play washing line volleyball. You will need; a washing line and a foam ball (if you don’t have one you can use a ball of newspaper or a balloon). Play volley ball over the washing line (if you don’t have a washing line or it’s too high you can just play and imagine it’s there).
  4. Tie-dying. You will need; a white t-shirt (or some white handkerchiefs), string and some dyes (you could use natural ones e.g. coffee (brown), onion skins (yellow/brown), beetroot (purple) or red cabbage (blue) put in hot water or buy commercial dyes. Prepare the item to be dyed by gathering bits of the material and tying string round it. Prepare the water to be dyed and then place the item in for two-five minutes (the longer you leave it the darker it is likely to become). Leave to dry and then remove the string to see the patterns.
  5. Make secret pictures. You will need; paper, white wax crayon or candle, water based paints. One person draws a secret picture or message onto the paper with the crayon, then swap papers and paint over and watch the picture appear.
  6. Play with Playdough. You will need; playdough (recipe) and modelling tools. Try building models based on themes or play ‘guess what it is’ or just enjoy creating patterns. More ideas available here and here.
  7. Go on a Bus or Train Trip. Pack up a picnic and go on a bus ride – where does your local bus go? Or go on the train for a few stops, eat your picnic at the station watching the trains and then get the train home again!

More ideas can be found on week one, week two and week three (and come back next Monday for some more suggestions).


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