Visual Perception Skills: Visual Closure

Continuing with our series of ideas to help develop visual perception skills here are some activities that use visual closure. Visual closure is the ability to use visual clues to identify or recognize a symbol or object when the entire object is not visible, this gives the ability to determine the appearance of the final product without all the details being present. This ability is needed to complete jigsaw puzzles or recognizing what a dot-to-dot puzzle picture is before it has been completed. Activity ideas:

  • Make worksheets with only half a number, letter or picture and ask the child to match it to a completed version or to complete the shape
  • Make peephole pictures – collect together some pictures and cover them with another page with a small hole cut out so that it only reveals a small part of the picture and work out what the picture is of
  • Look at incomplete pictures and discuss what is missing e.g. a picture of a car with no wheels, a house with no door or a table with a leg missing
  • Completing jigsaw puzzles
  • Completing dot-to-dot activities (especially those that don’t have numbers)
  • Identifying objects from close-up pictures
  • Building 3D models from 2D images (understanding there are hidden bricks)

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