Summer Holidays: Week 5 Ideas

We’ve entered the last fortnight (so don’t forget to get your school supplies ready – we have triangular pencils / pens and pencil grips for those who need these to support the correct grip for writing and drawing activities) so you might have exhausted your holiday funds and your ideas so here are another seven ideas for this week!

  1. Fruit Salad Bowl. You will need: small melon (one between two), knife, spoon, fruit juice and your favourite fruits. Cut the melon in half, scoop out the seeds and throw them away and then scoop out the melon and save it for later. Keep the shell in a safe place watermelon so it only has its shell. Cut up your favourite fruits and put them in the melon shell bowl with some melon and pour over some fruit juice.
  2. Pasta Necklaces. You will need: pasta with holes in it e.g. Penne, Macaroni, Rotelle or Fiori and string / thin ribbon (plus paint if you want to paint your pasta different colours. Simply thread the dry pasta tubes onto the string . ribbon creating a patter and then tie the two ends together.coloured cotton.
  3. DIY Skittles. You will need: empty plastic drinks bottles, rice or lentils, materials to decorate and a tennis ball (or similar). Put a few centimetres of rice or lentils in the bottom of your bottles and seal the lid. Decorate the bottle however you like. Then place the plastic bottles on flat smooth floor and. Hit with newspaper ball or tennis ball.
  4. Paper plate masks. You will need: Paper plates, scissors, elastic or a straw / lollipop stick and other materials to decorate. Cut eye holes into the plate and then decorate to create your animal, monster or silly face. Attach elastic to either side or stick a straw or lollipop stick to bottom of plate to hold in front of face.
  5. Mini gardens. You will need: Plant tray or plastic bowl, soil / compost, leaves, moss, grass, flowers from the garden or small plants, stones and other materials to complete the garden. Half fill the plant tray/plastic bowl with earth and then create a mini garden using small sprigs of leaves, daisies, grass. When finished let small figures / animals enjoy the garden.
  6. Naughts and Crosses. You will need: Pen and paper. Draw a grid onto the paper by crossing two horizontal lines by two vertical lines (#). Take it in turns to add your symbol (a X or a 0) – try to be the first to get three in a row.
  7. Paint bubbles. You will need: Paint, paintpot, washing up liquid, straw and paper. Add washing up liquid to the paint in a paint pot and stir. Blow into the paint using the straw (supervise small children to make sure that they blow and don’t suck) to make bubbles. Gently place paper on bubbles to make bubble pictures.

If you haven’t already seen them we have posted ideas for week one, week two, week three and week four (and come back next Monday for suggestions for the last week!).


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