Independents Day – Back to School

Today we went to a local independent shoe shop to get shoes so it seems good timing to highlight some of the independent businesses that provide some great products for back to school.

First of all I saw this lovely lunch box at Playmerrily (shame the Littlesheeps all wanted Angry Birds ones!) which would be lovely for a child starting school and taking a packed lunch for the first time (you can also get a matching water bottle and an umbrella which could be useful if the current weather continues!).

Then there is this gorgeous school bag available from StorkGifts – just the right size for taking a change of clothes to playgroup or preschool. I’m sure even the most reluctant pre-schooler would be proud to carry this bag to nursery with them!

If you are looking for a PE bag that is slightly different why not get a personalised one from Funky Dory Party Bags who dispite the name sell personalised cotton drawstring bags that are 30cm x 45cm big so plenty big enough for a school PE kit – this footballer one is one of the more sporting images you can choose from but there is something for everyone and as it’s personalised even saves you having to add a name label.

And getting ready for the winter weather Adventure Togs have a whole range of outdoor clothes for children both warm fleeces and waterproof jackets and all in one snow and rainsuits to keep them warm and dry on the journeys to and from school and at playtimes.

For children with special needs or allergies these lovely kid friendly ICE bracelets from ICE Gems are great for peace of mind. There are pre-engraved versions for Asthma, Epilepsy, Allergies, Autism, Diabetes and ‘If Lost’ where you just add your information on the back or for a little extra you can personalise both sides.

If your little one is starting school this year and you are looking for a special keepsake why not look at the Children’s Rules Print available from Boutique to You. This lovely print is available in versions for both boys and girls and can be bought both with and without a (choice of) frames and is a lovely gift to remember the childhood milestone of starting school.

Of course at Littlesheep Learning we also have some lovely books for those starting school plus our triangular pens and pencils can help those who have fine motor difficulties affecting writing skills.


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