Not Back to School!

Amongst all the back to school hype (one week left in the Littlesheep house!) I was reading the blogs in my blog reader I read a post from Jax at Making it Up reminding us that there is another way and that people shouldn’t forget that it is legal to home educate and that you don’t have to send your children to school when term restarts. I’ve posted before about Home Educating but I thought it was worth reminding people that this option is available.

Reasons for home educating include:

  • dissatisfaction with the school system
  • the flexibility to teach your children what you feel is important / what they want to learn
  • your children can learn at their own pace
  • you don’t have to worry about the school calendar and can take advantage of travelling out of season
  • you feel your child has special educational needs that are not being met
  • you feel your child isn’t yet ready for school
  • your child has experienced bullying
  • there is no suitable school locally for your children
  • religious reasons

If you have doubts about sending your child to school then why not take some time to consider the alternatives?


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